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  • Batch 616 YDNA

    I knew it was inevitable: my batch 616 Y67 has been delayed by ~4 weeks to late June. Disappointed, but not surprised given FTDNA's reputation and track record.

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    Don't get too stressed yet. I got the same delay notice on my 613 yDNA... that it wouldn't be back until June. It came in today, right on time.


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      I just looked at the turn around time for my dad's yDNA in batch 615. I got the delayed notice and they still came in the next day after I got the delated notice. My dad's sample was batched 3/25 and came back 4/29! Um... that would be a 5 week turn around! And yes, they were the correct results as his FF matched me and my kids and his yDNA matched a descended from the patriarch that I was trying to confirm.