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    12 to 16 months

    I am surpassed this firm will still be in business next year.

    They are not able to get results back in 6 months ...

    Buyer be ware have been warned...


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      Responded to your other post here:



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        I have a friend that had one batched on April 8th and complete on May 6th.


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          Originally posted by teyoung View Post
          I have a friend that had one batched on April 8th and complete on May 6th.
          Y testing or Family Finder (autosomal) ?? That's reasonable for Family Finder autosomal results but not for Y test results.


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            My dad's Big Y test was batched on 4/29 in batch 620, and we got the results today, 5/21... I honestly wasn't expecting them for a couple more weeks, but I'm definitely not complaining about getting the results in 3 weeks.


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              How Long for Big Y?

              I asked about timing on this a few months ago while FTDNA was having lots of delays. The responses were a mixed bag, and I had other distractions, so I put it all aside for a few months.

              What has been the recent experience (I.e, July or August, 2015) or people with samples on file ordering the Big Y?

              Thanks much.


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                I ordered Big Y on 16 Jun 2015 and got the results on 20 Jul 2015. They were forecast for late August or September I seem to recall. Hope this helps.


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                  I had two Big Ys ordered in June & both were completed by the end of July.

                  Timothy Peterman


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                    one extremely fast big Y, batched this month, already received results.


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                      mmm which batch number ? cause sometimes it's quick but not complete beware


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                        Placed Order

                        Thanks for the feedback on timing everyone. Since it seemed like FTDNA's lab was back on track as far as the timely processing of Big Y orders, I went ahead and placed my order this morning.

                        I don't expert to learn much, as least initially, because I don't have any close matches (none at 111 and a 7 at 67 markers), but I wanted to be waiting there with my data in place for when someone close surfaces.

                        With this, I think I am done for now because I am already on 23andme,, FTDNA (111, autosomal transfer and Big Y), GEDmatch, Ysearch and yseq (Scots Panel). What is left - some European-based service such as ScotlandsDNA (which I have heard might be a bit of a scam)? Yet, after all of this, my Y line goes dark at my paternal GGF.


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                          not really mine is being delayed have you missed it?