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tree display really needs to be sped up

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  • tree display really needs to be sped up

    For a tree that has a lot of nodes, the time to bring up the display can be terribly slow. First I have to wait for the family view to come up which can take minutes in itself. Since I only care about the ancestry view - this is totally wasted time. Then I have to do a display with detail view on (could be wrong but seems that time it takes to show a tree with detail view on is much faster than detail view off). then I have to switch to ancestor view which defaults to 15 levels and wait for it to build that display. Then, if the display ever comes up (sometimes it doesn't ever seem to finish and I have to close the window), I can then change the display to a few generations and run that display. Finally, I can actually look for a common ancestor.
    This is brutal. If display can't be significantly sped up, then at least give me a way to jump straight to a detail on 5 generations display at the first display to bring up.
    With the way FTDNA is working way, you lost one of your big advantages that you had over other testing sites.

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    Agree with your comment that the current default just wastes time. It should default to pedigree with 15 levels.