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Awaiting mtDNA 606- FF upgrade has been batched

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  • Awaiting mtDNA 606- FF upgrade has been batched

    I have been waiting for mtDNA results from batch 606. My upgrade to FF was assigned batch 612 yesterday. How long does it take for the mtDNA results to load? How often do they upload results? Daily, weekly, constantly? And thank you to all the experienced folks on these forums who help us newbies!

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    Am I correct in thinking that the mtDNA test is completed since they batched the sample to the upgraded FF?


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      Tests are done independently.

      You may want to read to learn how long it may take for a particular test to complete from the day it was batched.

      W. (Mr.)

      P.S. The day the test was batched indicates an administrative action taken on the kit and not actual start of testing. But you can easily see that date, so do your estimates from that day.