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    Y DNA

    Same here. Batch 609. Was expecting results by May 20 (after it was already delayed from the first expectation date)

    then got the "sample has failed to pass quality control ..." message

    Expected results moved out to June 3


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      Y-37 Batch 608 delayed again (X3)

      My Y-37 test results from Batch 608 have been delayed for the third time, still has the same "failed quality control" message. The new dates are 06/10/2015 - 06/24/2015, but it looks like they automatically push the dates when they get about 7 days from the deadline. Not only personally frustrating but bad for business - many interested family members & genealogy colleagues have been asking about my results since the original mid-March-Early April dates.


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        Keep in mind

        Keep in mind, Houston, (where Familytreedna labs are based) and a good portion of Texas are currently seeing the worst floods in a generation. Not surprised that there are delays; people have been dying and others have been being rescued by boat and helicopter...


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          news coverage

          As the floods slowly recede in Texas, more bodies have surfaced -- including three found across the state Wednesday.

          News coverage on Texas floods, cleanup.
          Also they apparently (Houston) are in a flood warning tonight too.


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            Batch 608 Delay again, and again, and again

            My Cousin ordered a Y-DNA 37 to 67 marker upgrade February 1 and he's in batch 608. He got the quality control delay message other's seem to also be getting, now delayed up to late June!! This is obviously not a weather related problem.

            This issue is being discussed widely on Facebook boards I belong to, with many, many frustrated folks!!!


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              I know that this has been an ongoing issue. My point was that the new delays could be related to all the flooding they've had; hard to process kits if they are at risk of being washed away by flood waters and drowning when trying to get into work...


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                This is a "Grumbles & Gripes" forum, right?

                This is a "Grumbles & Gripes" forum, right? (which btw I do commend the company for setting up.) I'm aware of the tragic situation in Houston and surrounding areas but I'm also fairly certain nobody risked their lives to come in today to post the latest delay of "failed quality control". For anyone interested, here's an article that identifies ways to help Texas and Oklahoma flood victims


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                  Another frustrated batch 608 here.

                  What's the story? They claimed receipt of my sample back in January. Expected dates keep getting announced and then pushed back. It is up to June 30 now. Completely unacceptable.

                  Now the excuse has shifted to the "quality control" BS others seem to be getting.

                  I wrote to customer service last week asking for a refund. They declined my request, essentially claiming that they can take as long as they like to provide results. Seems it might be many more months... even years. If the current date slips again, I am going to complain to my credit card company. After a certain point, I consider it fraud. I certainly would not recommend this service to anyone and have already warned many people about it.

                  Does anyone actually get results? Or is this a big pyramid scam? Does FTDNA ever proactively notify people about the complete lack of service provided, or are we always forced to log in each week to find out the date keeps moving further into the future? Zero communication and horrible customer service.

                  Hopefully this "grumble and gripe" will make me feel a little better about the money I threw away on a non-existent service.


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                    Don't lose hope - my results came in!

                    My results came in yesterday (projected 14-20 June). I've read the delay problems are due to new processing/chips and I hope they are or will get back on track soon - there's a wealth of information the test returns


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                      Originally posted by jkissack View Post
                      due to new processing/chips

                      Most laboratories upgrade their technologies to improve service and speed up turnaround times.

                      FTDNA found a niche where they upgraded their system and downshifted turnaround times from "long" to "geologic time." This model is known as "continuously retrograding all processes" or C.R.A.P. for short.

                      It truly strains credulity at this point. Batch 617 (Y) has been delayed til mid-June/early July but there are several Y batches with lower numbers that are getting mid-July predicted dates.

                      At this point, I hope Greenspan or a duly sworn representative thereof is standing over the techs with a whip and firing one per shift until service improves.
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                        This model is known as "continuously retrograding all processes" or C.R.A.P. for short.


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                          Ydna upgrade 12 to 37 . Batched on february 1st this year. Currently expected date is 07/01/2015 - 07/15/2015. I expect nothing and I'm still let down


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                            Originally posted by Mihajlo View Post
                            Ydna upgrade 12 to 37 . Batched on february 1st this year. Currently expected date is 07/01/2015 - 07/15/2015. I expect nothing and I'm still let down
                            My 67 to 111 Marker upgrade to 23 weeks for results


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                              still waiting

                              Ordered a 37->67 upgrade on Feb 1 (of this year )
                              Batched Feb 4
                              At least 4 date-switches now (very likely more, but I've stopped counting)
                              Current expected dates: 7/1-7/15

                              That's 5 months, for those who're keeping up, assuming the results come in during that timeframe.

                              Auto-excuse given with each date-change: failed quality control.

                              I called customer support () and was told his sample had failed each time. I asked how long it takes to determine if the sample isn't good. Was told "about a week".

                              Since so many others are getting the same excuse, I can only conclude there was a "mistake" by a lab minion, which affected quite a few tests.

                              CS person still reassures me that the current dates "should" be good.

                              <shrug> Now wishing I had ordered the 111 marker.