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    Waiting on a Y37 right along with the rest of you.

    I was told once a kit had not passed quality control, which I took to mean as a fail, low a behold the results showed up the next week.

    You can't believe a word these people tell you. We get to sit and we get to wait until they are darn well ready to give us what we all paid for, in good faith.


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      One more week and then the screaming and badgering is going to begin. That will be 13 weeks. No one likes to see others who are in later batches with the same kind of tests receiving their test results before them.

      How about taking some of those profits and putting them in more equipment and more qualified scientists and technicians


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        Originally posted by Tenn4ever View Post
        How about taking some of those profits and putting them in more equipment and more qualified scientists and technicians
        Yes, this is the normal thing for a company to do if your workload is so high that you cannot deliver the service in a timely fashion - if there is a profit.
        But if a company does not act in this sensible way then there is reasonable doubt about it's profit.
        FTDNA's long struggle is worrisome as it fails to get it's act together.
        I cannot recommend anyone to pay money for a DNA test at FTDNA as long as it is not clear if FTDNA will exist tomorrow.
        To me FTDNA is not a reliable company any more but it seems that it is fighting to survive.
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          Waiting on y67 and I haven't even gotten the first panel back! FF completed in January, so the sample must have been ok. I have two in this batch with the same problem.


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            This is beyond ridiculous now. One of my new project members is going ballistic because his Y-DNA 37 test results ordered in late December still aren't in.

            When he wasn't satisfied with the explanations I was giving him, I told him to contact FTDNA himself, so he did. The one thing he also told them was how he was sent a second sample kit about three weeks after the first.

            This was the response he got back from them today:

            "I spoke with our lab, they have informed me that an internal server error caused the new kit to be sent out by mistake. We have expidited the priority of your test to make up for this lost time, and results are expected in 4-6 weeks."

            This is the response I got from them when I inquired about the second sample kit back on Jan. 30th:

            "According to the laboratory the second vial in the swabbing kit may not have met our quality control standards and as a result we sent out that second swabbing kit as a precaution so that we could have that sample on file for future testing or if the primary vial failed the initial testing process."

            So now, he's been given two different explanations for why the second kit was sent, and he's now being told that his Batch 603 results are being EXPEDITED to be returned in 4 to 6 weeks!!!

            What the heck is going on???


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              Like I've said in the past, you can't believe a word this company says.

              This is just beyond ridiculous. Time for the Better Business Bureau to become involved! My letter is being sent today, I'm just so sick of all the crap they've tried to feed. Enough is enough.


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                Originally posted by E19463
                Good idea. Time for others to follow us:
                And also please write an email to Bennet Greenspan. Thank you for supporting our case.


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                  As of 4/2/15 no Y-dna results yet (batch 603).


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                    I am thinking at this point any Y-DNA tests in batch 603 are in rerun. You can always contact the helpdesk at or send me a private message with kit number and a contact email address.

                    Family Tree DNA


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                      Originally posted by win123 View Post
                      As of 4/2/15 no Y-dna results yet (batch 603).
                      Nothing here either so I've taken Darren up on his offer, lets see what answer I get this time and how long it takes to get that answer.

                      What would cause such a large number of kits having to be rerun? My kit had to be rerun for the family finder test as well, I find that quite interesting in that no new kit has been required yet it doesn't pass either time on the first run?


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                        When large portions of batches "fail", I suspect that it isn't the dna quality ...


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                          Originally posted by MikeP View Post
                          When large portions of batches "fail", I suspect that it isn't the dna quality ...
                          We think the same way. When this kit was in a Family Finder batch didn't seem many got them back either, had to be rerun, so how often is this happening and WHY is it happening?

                          No answer to my question to Darren as of yet.


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                            My expected return date has been changed from 2/25, 3/8, 3/25, 4/8. Since we are fast approaching 4/8 I'm wondering what my 5th date will be. So have some Y37 in batch 603 received theirs? Not sure why we have not been offered refund.


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                              Still no results but did get a note from Darren yesterday, the 5th, he will check with the lab and reply via email. The 8th is coming up quickly, will it again be pushed back?


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                                No results here as of this morning. It would be nice if they gave us the completed panels as they are completed.