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  • MyGroups forum issues

    I noticed in the last 24 hours , the italian project group has prevented anyone writing questions.
    Why is this being prevented when ftdna created these MyGroups so people belonging to a project can chat to each other?

    If tis project manager can do this, then all can do this and so this Ftdna MyGroups is a complete waste of time

    I still get notices there are new posts, but i cannot see them or get to them via any links, all I get is a "please join the italian project" cover sheet............I do not even know why I get this when everyone who is a member does not need to receive this "advert"
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    Originally posted by Bartot View Post
    I still get notices there are new posts, but i cannot see them or get to them via any links, all I get is a "please join the italian project" cover sheet............I do not even know why I get this when everyone who is a member does not need to receive this "advert"
    I think you need to log into your account first, then go to the project activity page.


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      Originally posted by lgmayka View Post
      I think you need to log into your account first, then go to the project activity page.
      I'm a member of the Italy Project too. I was logged into my account and received notices the last two days of new posts in the activity feed.

      I went to see what the posts were and the activity feed is no longer there. I suspect that the two new posts were automated notices of discount codes, not anything posted by a member of the project, since the activity feed isn't accessible to members any longer.

      It is the case that FTDNA has changed their policy about MyGroups activity feeds. From discussion among administrators and members of the R1b-U106 Project, it's our understanding that FTDNA now allows project administrators to participate in MyGroups but to turn off the activity feed.

      It seems that's what the Italy Project administrators have done. Frankly, I don't have a big problem with that. I already participate in enough genetic genealogy forums and lists to more than fill up my free time.


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        My Groups

        My Groups is still in Beta testing, and there are still some glitches (with the message feed, among other things). Project admins have until April to join up, at which time My Groups will become mandatory.

        I administer two projects, and will not join up until I have to, or until the majority of the bugs are ironed out.

        I used to test software for a living, but I'm retired :-)

        Beth Long
        Hungarian Bukovina Project
        Heimlich Surname Project


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          Comments in our DNA group!

          Here are some of the comments about the new MYGroups!

          agree with Bill, I am not going into my groups daily and neither are my participants! most of them are not even checking until they have an alert that they have a match and if they aren't getting those alerts, they are only checking about once a month or two!

          Those coupons should go out to the members automatically and they should not be limited to one user or 24 hr! I like the idea of the coupons but unless you actually allow better visibility and usage, they are not doing anyone any good!
          The coupons also should be visible on the front page, you shouldn't have to go digging for them!

          I had to really look around for the Administration Tools, they should be in an easy place to find! Never thought of looking at the bottom of the page when I am so used to one click at the top!

          they need to reconsider the Coat of Arms! Not everyone is entitled!

          ---------- Forwarded Message ----------

          If the coupons last a month or more, then I could collect them when I do my monthly update. That wouldn’t be bad. But if they have a 24 hour expiration time, then they are mostly going to go down the tubes. As it is I have no need to visit the site more than once a month; irrespective of the number of kits in the project, or added during the month, it only takes a half hour or so to get any new kits into their proper grouping. So a monthly visit is about right to sweep up whatever needs sweeping.
          I don’t see how this is really going to encourage people to join the project, at least if they are doing YDNA. If you are only going to be alerted to the coupons through the project admin, you pretty much already have to be in the project.

          I suppose the existence of coupons could attract folks to the project, but you have to be a member of the project to be alerted to the coupons. Might help retention, but not attracting folks in the first
          > I've been very pleased with the new look and the coupons. Yes, they can be used only one time, but I don't consider that an issue. I think FTDNA is giving us more opportunities to attract more people to our projects. How can that be a bad thing? You don't have to visit the site daily, and I think our relationship with FTDNA has not changed. We, like they, are interested in more participation. The "chat" feature is there for those who want to use it. I would like to see an email alert when something is posted by a member so I can track the conversation, but I don't have to track it. That's purely my choice.
          > A couple of observations and questions on the new project
          > Yes, its a much nicer, more professional interface. Overall looks like a job well done.
          > However, I question the option of adding a “family crest” since for most that’s going to be meaningless, or misleading. Sort of makes them look a little like a bucket shop operation. I expect better.
          > With regard to coupons, apparently these are onetime use coupons. First-come first-serve, but you can taken them from any surname project?
          > And can project members see their availability on the web page, or do I have to notify them.
          > What does it mean that they are “onetime use” coupons? That an individual can use them only once, or that the first person to use them is the last person who can use them. The latter is not, I think, a good model to employ.
          > There are a lot of things with this that I like (nice to help project members get their costs down, for instance)
          > But there are also a number of things I don’t like, at least if I understand this correctly
          > First, I’ve no intention of visiting the web site on a daily basis. I’ve no need to do that now, and see no need to do it in the future just to identify coupon availabiity.
          > Second, sort of sounds like FTDNA has set up a system where the volunteer admins get to shill for them. Not at all interesting in being their shill.
          > But perhaps I’m missing something here, and things are not the way they seem.
          > >>>>>>>>>>>>!


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            With regard to the Family Crest. In cases where no legitimate crest exists, that photo can be something entirely different. For the mtDNA Haplogroup I Project, a picture of an Iris has been uploaded. (Iris being the name commonly used for the clan mother of Hg. I.) Other projects might want to use a flag, flower, or other emblem associated with a region. Admins can also post photos of scenery that enhances or coordinates with the banner. Of course, it is fine to skip using any added photo. Sometimes a banner may look better without one.
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