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Still trying to find my way around the FTDNA maze

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  • Still trying to find my way around the FTDNA maze

    Can I do more than one transfer from ancestry? I cannot find quite the right information. Or am I just not understanding the information. I want to transfer my husband and my mother, do I have to sent them up with a name and email and I guess the email can be mine?
    I will also be ordering a Y for my brother, do I set him up separate. I will be handling all of these so I need to know what I am doing. I've managed with mine so far by stumbling.
    Help! Please

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    Each person should have their own account at FTDNA, since everybody has unique DNA (nowadays we know that even identical twins have tiny differences in DNA).

    All of the accounts can be managed using a single e-mail address, your e-mail. However, some are finding it more convenient to use e-mail aliases (one for each account), as it is easier to figure out the intended recipient.

    W. (Mr.)


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      Thanks. That makes sense. I will have 3 other accounts in addition to my own so I will need to organize everyting