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How to change from female to male on the kit?

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  • How to change from female to male on the kit?

    Somehow when I ordered a FF kit the sex of the test person was set to female...I do not remember doing that as I at the time did not know who the kit would be used for. (I test many people!) I just now tried to upgrade the FF to Y37 (kit was used on a male)and see that it is a female head and therefore will not allow upgrade to a y 37...well, I never indicated the sex in the first place (that I can remember and I've ordered over 30 kits!) but now I need to FIX IT so I can get the Y 37. The kit has arrived in Houston but not officially been acknowledged by FTDNA. I do not remember ever having this much trouble in the past years with fixing a kit's info or upgrade. HELP!

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    FtDNA have to change the gender. I needed it done when I ordered FF kits for my parents and they accidentally used each other's allocated kits. You can put in a support ticket, it might take them a few days but they will change it and let you know when it is done. If you need it done sooner and you are local enough or have skype, you could probably phone them.


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      Just phone FTDNA Support, explain the situation and they will change the kit sex within minutes.

      Mr. W.


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        slightly off topic

        I think sex is in DNA, and gender


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          If you want to send me a private message with your kit number I will be able to take care of this. It is a quick fix.

          Family Tree DNA