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    What is the "Link" function in the MyFamilyTree section do. On my family tree, I have an icon showing that there may be a family match with two of my ancestors. If I go to each of them, and click on it, a name comes up--the same person on both of the matches. There is a box checked (but presumably can be unchecked) that says when the link button is pressed, an email goes to the match "about being added to my tree". Without inspecting their tree and without recognizing the name, how can I make an intelligent decision about linking family trees?

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    It doesn't really 'do' anything as far as I can tell, other than appear in the tree and send the email. The hint is suggesting that the name in your tree might be that particular person, not that they share an ancestor. Do the ones in your tree have similar names to the suggested match? For example, if you have an ancestor Ann Johnson and you have a match called Anna Johnston, you might get a hint that they could be the same person with the opportunity to link.

    This is based purely on the two names involved, FtDNA does not analyse trees.

    I use it extensively since I manage five kits for various family members who log in themselves for a look but are not particularly computer savvy or genealogically savvy. By putting their matches in the tree where they go, my relatives can see what matches I am finding in a way they can comprehend. It's a useful PR thing for me, in proving the benefits of DNA testing.

    Although you are able to just link, it's ideally a last step after email conversations, sharing of documents and agreement on the match between the two parties involved.


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      Yes, I did not take it to mean you are "linking trees", but instead that you were linking the individual to YOUR tree and if you want, you could send them an e-mail to notify them that you did it, which would let them know you think you are related (so, a chance for them to confirm or deny I suppose). I do NOT think it links trees and I do NOT think it changes their tree. Hopefully, if I am wrong, someone from FTDNA will correct me! I have linked 1 aunt and 1 cousin to my son's tree. It is nice because it gives you a visual as to how people fit into your family once you find them.


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        FamilyFinder Link???

        A few days ago the icon popped up that said that there were two matches--one to my great grandmother and another to her mother. When I went to those two people in the tree and clicked on the logo, the same name appeared as a "match" for both of them, and the name wasn't anything similar to my relatives'.

        Today I see just one match--my great grandmother. When I go to her in the tree and click on her a name different from the other day pops up. My relative is Brown born in 1851; the match is Breen born in 1925. That doesn't seem too helpful.


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          ^^^ Yep, I have two link matches that DO fit into my tree, and a third that has no connection to the person they are identifying the link with. Basically the links need to be reviewed and matched on a case by case basis. Some will be a true fit, others won't be the right connection.