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  • genographic kit delayed

    Is the genographic analysis done at ftdna? theyve now had my sample for 3 months and 1 week and still no results. I've had every manner of excuses, promises, and now silence, over phone and email. The latest is that the data have been analyzed but is waiting "3-5 days" for upload. Their reasons for this seemed contradictory- first i was told the 3-5 day delay is an average since they are uploaded in big batches so the delay is just waiting til they have enuf in a batch. but then when questioned further in the same conversation, i was then told that the 3-5 day delay was due to quality control tests both by national geo and by ftdna. A supervisor who i did not ask to intervene emailed and said quite a while ago that she personally was expiditing it given all the delays and i'd have the data for sure next week- that was a couple of weeks ago. Then she simply refused to answer any emails when i asked what was going on. no apology, no discussion. just silence. great way to do business.(incidentally, this is for Y testing, and I keep reading in other places that there's been a bunch of Y delays at ftdna- do't know if its related)
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    Bigger Problem with Y Testing?

    I am starting to wonder if the quality control issue is with the old system and that the new system, rather than being deficient, actually revealed that the old system results were junk. That might explain the stone walling we are all getting on where our results are - they are running around fixing the old stuff.
    I have no proof of this, yet.


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      Thats an interesting idea. Not sure which is worse - that or massive disorganization.


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        Well the 3-5 business days have now come and gone. Still no results and another broken promise. 3.5 months and counting. Guess there is no point in my calling again to get more lies.

        It seems so ironic that as dna sequencing gets faster and faster, its taking longer and longer to get results. The reason we used to have to wait weeks and not days was because sequencing dna took time. They seem to now be hiding behind the fact that people got accustomed to waiting even though the reason for waiting is no longer true. Now its just bad business.