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How Many People actually get Family Finder Results in the 3-4 week time Frame given..

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  • Wow they seem to have done great work this week getting results out!!


    • Batch 605

      FF kit

      1/14 Batched
      1/20 Received by Lab
      2/13 Completed


      • The results of my cousin's test are shaping up to be rather interesting. We are half-2nd cousins, once removed. My 2nd great grandmother is his great grandmother, but through a different husband.

        Sister 1 comes in as 2nd - 4th cousin.
        The other sister and I come in as 5th to remote.

        The first match on his list is to the shared surname - Hutton. This match's line comes from a village about 55 miles from our group, though came to the Colonies many generations before ours. The match's group were Quakers, so endogamy may be at play here.


        • Delays for Batch 603

          I ordered on 12/29. I checked at the beginning of Feb and saw that it had been delayed. I checked two weeks later and it had been delayed again. I thought surely it would be completed by the end of Feb. Nope. Delayed yet again. If only we had more information from FTDNA. Very frustrating!


          • Originally posted by Nanellen View Post
            Very frustrating!
            Welcome to the club!
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            • Always Fast for my Tests......

              My Family Finder results from Batch 570 took 19 days, and my Cousin's Batch 573 took 13 days, but this was Spring of 2014.

              I suspect with the Holiday's FTDNA likely experienced a surge of returned Kits, thus the longer than normal completion times......

              Currently I am waiting for mtDNA results for Batch 605, so I can understand people becoming anxious, because I certainly am.

              BUT, all things considered, I am very pleased with Family Tree DNA!


              • Wonderful Surprise......605 mtDNA Results are IN!

                After trying to get used to the Results being delayed another MONTH, today at Noon I had a Wonderful Surprise!

                The mtDNA test results were in, and since the original predicted dates were 2/25/2015 to 3/11/2015, they can be considered ON TIME and a little EARLY!

                So happy, and YES this test proved my descent from a Revolutionary War Soldier!

                Thank You Family Tree DNA......