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Batch 587 - This is disappointing

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  • Batch 587 - This is disappointing

    I sent my mother's DNA test kit in back in August. It shows received and logged in around 8/18. Unfortunately my mother was on her death bed and we hoped to get her MtDNA results back before she passed. Alas, it was not to be, and she passed at the end of October. That allowed FTDNA about 10 weeks to get the results to us.

    Here it is now January 7, 2015 and I'm still waiting for the basic MtDNA test results. The estimated time for delivery of the results shows one to three weeks. Big deal - it's been showing that or something similar for months now. And how about the possibility both samples have been used and were not good enough? Obviously I can't get another sample from my mother! And even if I eventually get a result how about if I want to order an upgrade and there isn't enough sample left?

    I've had to wait for other test results in the past but this is the longest wait ever. Since I can't ever get another sample to be tested because of the delays what I am supposed to do? I suppose I could ask one of my sisters to give a sample but that isn't quite the same as a sample from my mother aside from the MtDNA.

    I'm sure this will be resolved eventually, just not as I had hoped when I paid my scarce dollars and was eagerly awaiting the results.

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    No consolation, but

    I realize this is not really much comfort considering your loss and the much too long wait for the results, but...

    If she was your birthmother, you can get your own mtdna tested and the result should be virtually the same. Both males and females inherit mtdna from their mother, but only females can pass it down to future generations.

    If you haven't called yet to get a status, I would recommend that. My understanding is that there is a backlog of emails. Customer service should also be able to tell you if there is any more of her sample left to test.


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      That is horrible! Everything I have been told by customer service is that all the tests were moving along quickly except the Y tests. I hope you get this resolved soon.


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        Other tests as upgrade

        I know my MtDNA should match my mother's. What I had in mind was eventually doing the Family Finder upgrade. I simply didn't have enough money to start with FF, so chose to get started as inexpensively as possible plus I wanted to make sure my mother's DNA sample was gathered and stored at FTDNA for the future.

        And BTW, no results yet as January 14, 2015. Now says the old 1 to 2 weeks for the results. Right.....