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    Every year I send out an email wishing all project members a Happy New Year and gentle reminder to make sure their contact info is up to date AND that they at least add their earliest known ancestors, stats, and most importantly, their ancestral villages. We are a geographic project and this is really important for us.
    The email was approved and sent.
    Now on my Gap pages, at the top, I have a notice in pink that there is a problem with the account and one or more people are BLACK listed.

    1) This is a pretty strong word if it only means that there are emails bouncing back as undeliverable. I haven't gotten an explanation as yet from FT-DNA. Anyone else get this error?
    2) What can a GA do if people's emails aren't updated other than my already asking?

    PS: I too cannot see anything right now on the GA pages.


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    In my opinion, the only solution is to send those e-mails directly from your e-mail account, and not through FTDNA.

    I would send it to myself and have everybody in Bcc. Yes, I know that is time intensive and difficult to manage for large projects. However, due to spam controls sending, let's say from [email protected], from/through FTDNA servers would trigger many spam filters as the sender domain (the one seen in the From: e-mail) and the e-mail server domain (seen in the Received e-mail headers) do not match.



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      There was a problem affecting all kit pages at Family Tree DNA at about the time this message originated. The problem was only apparent to those who logged in as a GAP. The problem appears to have been resolved within a couple of hours.

      Timothy Peterman


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        bulk emailing

        If you are regularly doing bulk emailing, then it might be worth setting up a mail list through something like mailchimp - you can put more folk on your list, and they don't tend to get blocked as spam.


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          I suggested a new SNP test from GAP and the next time I logged in a messgae informed me that my e-mail has been blacklisted. I wrote to helpdesk a long time ago but they haven't made anything to reslove the issue so far. The worst thing is that I ordered a new kit and now I don't have the password since FTDNA doesn't send me e-mails anymore. I wonder how many months it will take them to resolve this issue.


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            For the last two kits I ordered, I never received an email with their passwords. I contacted the help desk and had to set up a new password each time. Their records showed that they had sent the email with password, but I never received it.

            I have received replies from the help desk, etc. at FTDNA to the same email address, so it's one of those mysteries why this happened. Lost in the ether, I guess.


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              I wrote to them about two weeks ago and still nothing. I hope they fix the issue before the next ice age.


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                Hello all,
                I know some of this has been whole email domains blocking the [email protected] email as spam, even before it gets to you it is rejected. Comcast seems to be one of the major ones, but it may be a wider problem than that. Please feel free to email or call and we will be able to help gain access to the account.

                -Darren Marin
                Family Tree DNA