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  • Originally posted by E19463 View Post
    I am even logged in with my kit number: E19463
    You are correct that kit numbers are not "top-secret"--they appear in project web site Y-DNA results.

    But in this particular case, we were discussing tests that are not yet complete and therefore not yet public; and in fact, Big Y participation is not specifically indicated in project listings (although a savvy investigator can usually figure it out from SNP results, category, etc.).

    Besides, an FTDNA employee was asking the question, and he (quite correctly) decided that discretion is the safer approach in such a matter.


    • E19463,

      I would be happy to help you. I try to read all forum posts but I don't catch everything. If you have a specific question for me please send me a private message.


      Family Tree DNA


      • Originally posted by Tenn4ever View Post
        I think one thing we have to remember is that we can't compare the wait time for the different kinds of test to each other.

        A Family Finder test is going to be different from one of the Y tests and even the Y test time frames could be different if they are upgrades and then the Big Y is a different ballgame. You can't compare apples to oranges.
        And a test that is in 'ceased production' status for an unspecified period of time due to missing components as were the ySTR panel tests, but which were still available for sale as if there were no problems, is in a whole different league. In fact, that's just plain underhanded. Granted this is a technical area, but that's no excuse for lack of notice to customers of supply issues and temporary unavailability of a product that will affect processing times. That changes the equation for me and I am having to consider the unpleasant prospect of pursuing the complaint route. The website suggested average wait times of four to six weeks for such tests, if I remember correctly, or something along those lines, but that failed to take into account the "ceased production" status of the test late last year, and the formulating of a new workaround procedure or the upgrading of equipment or whatever was done and tested to get around the lack of the needed unspecified component.


        • Originally posted by lgmayka View Post
          This one just arrived!
          It's amazing how these kits can languish untouched for the better part of a year, then when one makes enough noise about them, the results start rolling in...


          • The last panel of my dad's Y-111 upgrade (he was in batch 597) showed up this morning.

            Unfortunately for me, there weren't any matches at either 67 or 111 markers, so I'm still stuck when it comes to that particular line (but then, I've been stuck at my gg-grandpa on that line for the last 22+ years, so that's nothing new to me). Maybe someday...