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Printing Match Lists

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  • mahgninnuc
    Printing matches

    When you download the matches, you should open the file in Excel or the equivalent. If you don't have it, you can download a free equivalent at With either, you can reformat the file: widen columns so that all text is visible,put borders around the info, highlight text, add or delete columns and rows, etc., etc. You can find tutorials online.

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  • Swennilsson
    started a topic Printing Match Lists

    Printing Match Lists

    This may be my own ignorance rather than a problem with FTDNA, but I am unable to print out a decent list of my matches. When I just hit the "print" button, I get a list, but it comes out with the names over-written with other text. When I opt for one of the download features, the list is jibberish as far as a printout.
    Is there a better way to get a good hard copy? I like to have a hard copy to work with when I am trying to identify which ancestral line a particular match is connected to.