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    Some small but distracting glitches.

    On the GAP home page the agenda for last month's conference is still there, taking up a large portion of the top. So are last January's and previous "Weekly Technology Updates," which seem to have been discontinued.

    The Pending Lab Results page includes autosomal test transfers that have been completed.

    The Pending Shipment to Lab page also includes completed autosomal test transferred, as well as SNP tests that were cancelled through Customer Support.

    Some cleanup would be welcome.


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    Me too

    My project Pending Shipment To Lab page also includes tests that were cancelled through the FTDNA Customer Support (specifically a Y-DNA test that got cancelled due to a sex change).

    The impact can be seen on my project Order Summary page, where the lady who ultimately tested (FF & mtDNA) using the kit shows as pending Y-DNA tests originally ordered for a male.

    Yes, it would be nice to have that resolved automatically or even better automagically Yes, I can phone the customer support, but...

    Thank you in advance - W.


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      GAP redirect loop

      I just attempted to log in to GAP and got an error message that there was a redirect loop. I'm hoping that's because FTDNA is just being extremely responsive in addressing the issues mentioned above. :-) If not, there is another item to add to the list.

      When I backspace out, it says the site is down for maintenance and to add exciting new updates. Fingers crossed they actually help the research experience.
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        Re: GAP redirect loop

        myGroups were supposed to be launched...

        My GAP login, in a new session, worked for me in the last 60 seconds, so the maintenance break must be over.