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  • Surname project setup

    How long should it take for a new surname project to be created? I submitted a project application back on 8/15 at which time system indicated that I would be notified within 5 business days about the status. However, when I did not hear anything, I opened a ticket on 8/30. On 9/8, I sent a follow-up email but no response. So, I called FTdna on 9/12 when they stated to expect 4-5 weeks for processing. Then I received an email closing my ticket & referring me to email group mailbox instead for status. So, I emailed group mailbox on 9/16. As of 10/15, I still have not heard back from them so I called again. They indicated that they would leave a message with my contact info (phone/email) for group responsible for project creation to get back with me. However, I have not received any status yet......still waiting

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    Didn't you notice the message that the review would be completed by some day in March? That is more than four months from now


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      Ok, the notice was dated 2/12/14 indicating that they were temporarily suspending approvals. It also stated that all current applications would be evaluated by March 1st. New apps would not be reviewed until March 15th. I assumed that this was an outdated message referring to March 2014 not 2015?? I would hope that they have caught up on any backlog by now & would be addressing requests received afterwards such as mine submitted in August 2014. If they are in fact not planning to address until March 2015 then I would think/hope that they would tell me such when I talked to them or at least respond to my emails with estimated timeframe or status.


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        I have no idea, but the fact that the notice is still there...


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          Still await response

          So, I received email this week regarding the transition of group projects to myGroups. Is it safe to assume that they are working on creating my surname project in this new format? I have sent an email to group mailbox asking for status, however, still await their response.