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Blocking Anonymous Family Finder Matches..

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  • Blocking Anonymous Family Finder Matches..

    I don't want to appear on this person's match list - we need a way to block people..

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    Long lost sister of one of your parents?

    P.S. Yes, I do agree that her behaviour is not good.


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      May I ask when the match appeared? Was it a new one? A third party match?


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        Originally posted by keigh View Post
        May I ask when the match appeared? Was it a new one? A third party match?
        The match date is 4/26/2014 and she(?) still appears when I hide 3rd party matches in the chromosome browser.


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          Originally posted by rod View Post
          [----] she(?) [----]
          One can tell every lie they want, but one cannot fake DNA . So she...


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            It might simply be the fault of a test administrator, if this is a person who volunteered her DNA to be tested, but didn't want personal information attached to the test. Someone who isn't really interested in DNA research but was willing to let another member of the family use her DNA expand the family pool of tests.

            The test administrator should have at least given a general e-mail for volunteer tests.


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              I have this match Privet2 allthough there name is on the Email wich i have hid for them on here but surely this cant be fare can you emagin if everyone done this how long FT would last?

              (I HAVE HIDEN THE EMAIL)
              Y-DNA HAPLOGROUP
              mtDNA HAPLOGROUP
              Most Distant Ancestors Paternal:No direct paternal ancestry information entered.Maternal:No direct maternal ancestry information entered. About Me No information entered. Ancestral Surnames No ancestral surnames entered


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                Whenever I ask someone else to test & pay for it, I always make my e-mail address the default e-mail.

                Chances are, this person just did Family Finder, probably at the request of someone else.

                Timothy Peterman


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                  I would like blocking too but not for the same reason. I would like to block those who want information about my line but refuse to give anything in return.