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Restoration of removed forum features?

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  • Restoration of removed forum features?

    Perhaps a moderator can shed some light:
    • There used to be the ability on these forums to block a user, but at some point that disappeared. It came in handy to restore sanity on occasion.
    • We also used to be able to have a signature line, but for some it got out of hand, and that capability was removed for all. Some customers were able to get a short line added, appearing beneath their forum customer name, but it wasn't available to all. Recently, in the midst of another thread, someone asked about how to add it. It would be nice if we could have a limited signature line or two.
    • Similarly, there is a place in our forum control panels to add a picture (icon) to appear with our names in our posts, but it doesn't seem to work. A few posters did used to have them, but perhaps it was only admins or assistants.

    Is there any chance that these features could be restored anytime soon to these FTDNA forums, in some form?