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Worried about delivery time back to FTDNA!

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  • Worried about delivery time back to FTDNA!

    Hi, I posted my kit from the UK on Friday 29th August, I used the envelope provided and just sent it standard Air Mail. The Customs Form was completed with 'Cotton Swabs' as per the advice in the FAQ.

    As yet, 12 days later, my account is still saying that the kit has not been received? Should I be worried yet?

    I don't know how long these things take to get get through to FTDNA to be honest, I know my kit from them got to me within 7 days of ordering it.

    I have emailed Customer Services but no reply as yet. I was just wondering if other people from the UK waited the same sort of time?

    Thanks all

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    Use registered mail

    Unfortunately, delays do happen...

    My recommendation to all the testers is to use registered mail, or whatever gives means to track the shipment. It surely does not speed it up, but at least one worries knowing where it got stuck ;-)


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      1-2 days to cross the Atlantic. 3-4 weeks after that before FTDNA acknowledge receipt.


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        Thanks, yeah, thinking about it now I should have used a tracking service, but too late to worry about that now!

        I think my main concern really is if it has got held up somewhere, or if a week of 2-3 weeks is normal? I have no problem waiting...but how long do I give it before giving up? haha!


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          Nothing to worry about as yet. I mailed one in the US and it took almost 3 weeks for them to acknowledge. The kit only took 4 days to reach me and that was over a weekend. They seem to be very lacks a daisy about letting you know they've gotten it.

          Nothing is a rush in their world, after they finally tell you they've gotten it the bigger wait is on for them to actually get results back to you.


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            Thanks mate! I'll have to be patient a little longer Just want the results!! haha


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    's been received and is now being processed! I can now relax haha!


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                Here in the state a cousin I had tested sent his in over a week ago and it's still not noted on his account that it has been received. This is the 7th kit I've had sent in and the others didn't take this long. I realize sometimes it could take longer but I'm not sure how long to wait before getting worried that it was lost in the mail.