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Do I have to pay twice ?

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  • Do I have to pay twice ?

    Ordered and paid for 2 family finder kits online ( $ 238 has been debited from my credit card a week ago ) - received the kits today no problem but am concerned that they come complete with a form to fill which asks me to fill in my credit card details for payment authorisation for sending through the post.
    There is no information of any additional cost and I am certainly not sending a blank credit card payment authorisation through the post.
    What's going on ? Form details below

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    Sometimes those invoices are placed inside of kits where payment has already been made. Chances are, you don't. But call the phone number on it & ask Family Tree DNA to be sure.

    Timothy Peterman


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      Not necessary to fill out and send in with kit, just mail back swabs.

      to check payments status of kit,log onto your accounts, main page will have an unpaid icon on top of page if they have unpaid tests pending.

      As long as there is no notification on kits homepage, filling out form and sending back with kit is not necessary.

      If homepage is showing unpaid product, I would phone FTDNA.

      regardless, mailing form is not necessary as you can enter and pay for any unpaid tests online by logging into your kits account.