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Difficulty Obtaining Genographic Results

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  • Difficulty Obtaining Genographic Results

    Several years ago my father participated in the Genographic Project. I believe he registered his DNA kit. My sister had stored all of his information on her computer, which crashed, and thus we lost all of the kit information. My father has passed away. I have been trying to obtain help from the Genographic Project to obtain this important information which cannot be found anywhere else. I have no other first degree male relatives from whom this information can be obtained. I have been told by representatives that I have contacted at the Genographic Project that this information is forever lost to my family and me.

    I have looked back at the Genographic Project website and it states that one of the advantages of registering the DNA kit is the following:

    During the online log in process, we also will offer you an opportunity to register your Genographic Participant ID. If you choose to register, your personally identifiable information will be linked to your Genographic Participant ID, and your genetic information in our database will no longer be anonymous to National Geographic. . . Registration is not required for you to access your results. It is your option to more actively participate in enhanced activities offered in Geno 2.0. It will allow us to recover your Genographic Participant ID if you ever lose it, send you email alerts about the status of your results, and communicate to you any important new information.

    Can anyone recommend a contact person who can help me recover this information? I recently tested my own DNA with FT DNA. Since FT DNA is the company that conducted the DNA testing for the Genographic Project I am hoping that at a minimum my DNA could be compared to the database in order to find my father’s DNA---we should come up as a parent-child relationship.

    The express purpose of FT DNA is to find our family connections. I have a known family member who tested with this company. Certainly to ensure that we all retain confidence in the ability of FT DNA to find our unknown links they should be able to find my known parental DNA match.