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  • When the Hell is FTDNA

    going to fix the problem with Non-functioning Gedcoms.
    This problem (Houston, We have a problem) is ridiculous. The last match I have with a working Gedcom is dated 5/12/2014 and I have only two that work dated since early April. It's bad enough when people post no information, but when they do and it doesn't work, it's frustrating.

    After all, I am not the only person to have complained about this.

    Come on and get this problem fixed. Enough is enough!

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    Hmmmm. That´s really strange. I read a lot of times that people can´t open the trees of new matches.

    I can open new and old trees. I use Internet Explorer 11 and took the link of FTDNA to the "secure sites" in options and to my favourites. When I close the browser I usually clean all cookies automaticcaly (also an option in the IE11)

    The only problem I have, is that when I search matches by family names (sorting bar), I can do it once, and when I want to look for a 2nd name the FTDNA websites hangs totally up...?


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      It seems fairly random. I can open some but not others. Those that cannot be opened have not changed but more have appeared in recent matches. Extremely annoying that this was reported a long time ago. Even more annoying to have to see the idiotic error message. A professional organisation should give an error message that relates to the incident that has arisen. The Houston attempt at humour just intensifies the irritation for customers. Even if the cause of the gedcom issue is not yet identified FTDNA could at least provide a relevant error message. Consequence for me is that this has derailed my system for following up new matches and I have put plans to encourage other relations to test on hold until I can assure them that they will be buying from an organisation with a professional IT function.
      FTDNA Customer
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