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Anyone in Batch 570?

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  • I'm still waiting in batch 569 for one single snp, ordered 5/4/14 and showing 1-2 weeks expected date since around June 1st. I've had several messages to the help desk, the last one said my request was assigned to an information specialist. That was on 8/25. Mid June we received a kit for more sample that was sent and acknowledged. I know of another person who has been waiting even longer for this same snp so I think FTDNA is having trouble getting a result for it. I'm wondering what the next scene of my play is going to be, too...????


    • Batch 574

      Well sadly story sounds too familiar. I ordered Y 68-111 and batched June 12. All came back the end of July EXCEPT panel 5. I contacted help on 8/13 and it was referred to Specialist who informed me the test has been ordered and gives me another 6-8 weeks on the email. Yet on my results page said 2-4 and very next week 1-2 weeks which it has been there two weeks...still no results. When they "loose" a test it should go ahead of other tests ordered since, instead it sounds as though it is placed at the bottom of the "pile". I am so over ordering any more test or kits (I manage two and was ready to order two more kits). Too bad...I started in 2007 and even though the sample base was small, the service customer and lab was prompt and on top of things...not so much anymore and I will not recommend to anyone anymore to test. Very disappointed.
      Good luck


      • batch 574!

        My kit

        mtFull Sequence 12.06.2014 Batched 574

        I'm tired of waiting.((((