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Sad about dnatribes "STR" results

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  • Sad about dnatribes "STR" results

    I am feeling terribly sad for what I got on my email last night.

    It is like 8 pages about world regions, which I could find (and ever more complete information) on google in 3 seconds, and then a lousy graph with populations vs how many times my dna profile is found in those populations compared to the populations around the world.

    Well, then I am 65.67 more whatever in North Poland than in anywhere else. I am 11.28 whatever in Russia.

    On the same graph the same "populations" are display several times, Finland shows like 4 times (not grouped).

    Then for some reason without my request I get the DNA Europa and guess where my dna is the strongest? Russia. That is right, Poland is second.

    It so generic.

    I paid 139.00 dollars for this.

    It is like a joke, I am waiting for someone to write to me and say "sorry, this was a draft for the website we sent you by mistake". I am not kidding, very absurd.

    The Poland part is not even the problem, never thought of much but might make sense.

    My ancestors are from Portugal, Malaga and Venice. The one from Venice has an Austrian first name. The ones from Portugal has Rodrigues (de Freitas) and the one from Malaga is Moreno (Palacio), these 2 names are found among Jews from Poland and Russia.

    If this is correct, I imagine the part of the Moreno e Rodrigues moved from Europe to Poland (1492) while the others decided to stay in Europe and later went to Brazil, where I was born.

    My problem is how the results were presented, a complete mess. Just bunch of Wikipedia pages and a chart.

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    Going by the posts I've read about it over the years, DNA Tribes does not have a good reputation among genetic genealogists.