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    We had to pick one person to cover BIG Y in depth until we are out of BETA. When they called for a volunteer to step forward, Michelle only took one step back. The rest of us took three steps back.

    Oh dear... I am likely going to be spoken to again about levity in the forums... <sigh>

    Originally posted by mebrowndfw View Post
    I never said it was magic. It does, however, tend to result in a better explanation of what's typically going on. Too bad everyone isn't as supportive.


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      Originally posted by Rebekah Canada View Post

      We are borrowing the concept from the website.

      We have over 2 dozen other forums to use including 1 dedicated to requests including requests for bug fixes. :-) Now, why Emy are you over here instead of using one of them?
      Just now saw this reply. Well, I thought this sub forum was the place to post complaints. While I was here checking to see if others had the same issues that I did, I ran across this thread.

      I do understand that there can be different meanings for a particular word. There are some words that in certain scenarios can be used in a manner that is offensive to some people. I was simply surprised to learn that this word kvetching can be used in what I would consider to be an offensive manner. Probably there are other people, like myself, who have never run across this word before. Perhaps some people don't even click on this subforum because they aren't sure what the word means. It just seems a little bit confusing.

      Anyway, that's my story. Obviously my opinion doesn't mean a hill of beans to most people here. My main concern right now are the access issues that have recently plagued FTDNA. I would like to see those addressed so that I continue doing business with them. What happens on a forum that I used to really enjoy and learn from wouldn't matter so much if these issues were addressed.

      By the way, I am also confused. "sigh"


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        I have not called Family Tree. I would rather labor under the blithe and probably misplaced faith that my big y results are going to show up any second.

        I was a pretty early batch number and see that subsequent batches are now posting. I have asked what I think is probably the most germane question but received no response. Being the only l-792 from my cluster, are they stalling because they don't want to give the snps a designation without more confirmation from additional kits?

        Anyway, that is talk for another forum. I want to say that people should not get their panties in a wad over the word kvetch. I am a longstanding kvetcher, from a long standing family of kvetchers, where whining has been elevated to a high art since the paleolithic and I assure you that the author bears you no malice whatsoever. Chill.