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The FTDNA I used to know and love

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  • The FTDNA I used to know and love

    I would love to know what has happened to the FTDNA I used to know and love. While results were often delayed and communication updates lacking, I could almost always access my results. I had no reservations about recommending FTDNA as my preference for dna testing to friends, family and fellow genealogists. I truly believed that FTDNA was the best. Now, I find I have many reservations.

    First, this forum...While I appreciate the fact that change is hard on everyone but usually brings great rewards in the the end, I have yet to see any reward for the many changes. I used to log in on a daily basis and would almost always learn something new and interesting from the many informed and knowledgeable posters. Now, everything is so spread out and hard to find, I pretty much come here only to find out what is wrong with the main website.

    Questions answered...While I come here to learn what new problem exists, it seems like there is no rhyme or reason to which question gets answered. I see many important questions skipped over and not answered.

    The website...The website seems to have new issues every week. The focus seems to be more on how it "looks" rather than how it functions and serves its purpose. None of the recent changes have brought anything new to the table, mainly because the website and features are not functioning properly.

    Will FTDNA ever give an answer as to what is going on? I plan on calling tomorrow morning to see if I am successful in getting answers. If things don't change soon, I will need to find an alternative option for pursuing this wonderful hobby.