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  • Profile Glitch

    I mentioned in another thread that I'm having issues with the profile button on FTDNA. However, I wanted to start a new thread about it so that it doesn't get lost in another topic.

    So, if I click on a match's name, I get a blue banner that says "Profile" but I don't get the full profile. At the same time, when I look at the bottom of my screen, I see javascript void(0). If I move my cursor around in a random way, eventually the entire profile will pop up. (I'm sure there must be a specific place I should click in order to get the profile up, but it is not obvious to me).

    Once the profile pops up, I can't find the x button to click to close it. (I remember it used to be there, right?). At first, I couldn't find any way to get rid of the profile except to use the back button on my browser which then takes me away from where I was in my match list. However, I just figured out (I have time to play with this as everything is taking forever to load!) if I click on another person's name, the previous profile will go away and the blue profile banner for the new person will pop up. Again with the same issue as before: I can't see the entire profile of the person, just the blue banner that says profile.

    Can someone please tell me if this is a glitch in the system, or if I'm the only person with this problem? I guess there could be some issue with my computer/browser/etc. As I mentioned in another thread though this shouldn't be this hard. I just want to view my matches and see their contact information. Gedcoms with locations and dates would be very nice as well.

    Sorry if it seems that I'm spending all of my time complaining, but I really hoped to spend the day reviewing my matches. Due to these issues, I have not been able to make much progress so I guess I'm taking out my frustration here.


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    Well, FTDNA's website quit responding at all for me for a while this evening. When I was finally able to get back in, the x button on the profile was back.