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can't see Match's gedcom

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  • can't see Match's gedcom

    Am I the only one having this problem? When I click on a match's gedcom, it shows me my own gedcom.

    It also happens when I check the gedcoms of other accounts I manage.

    How can I start to see other people's gedcoms again?


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    I just clicked on a match's Gedcom and got my own. Rather startling for that split second until you realize it's your own . . . like this person is descended from my grandfather!!!


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      Tree issue

      Reading through some of the other postings, it appears this is a common issue at the moment. I spot checked a few of the kits I manage and all matches with trees directed me back to the kit's tree and not the match.

      I am unable to log on either via GAP or as an individual at the moment, but was able to all morning.


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        In the past I have been able to reset this problem by either signing out and back in or going back to show all matches after closing the trees.


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          Login Problem


          As we fix items, you may need to clear all cookies from your browsers to get a fresh working one. Note that this a a cookie issue and not a cache issue. You will usually have to go through browser settings to clear cookies.


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            My family in place of another's

            Rebekah, I've had it happen at times when I've just come on FTDNA and my gedcom pops up in place of another person's. I'll admit not to being computer savvy, but I've got my browser set to dump all cookies, and all history when I close it. I'm using Firefox and it's turned off frequently during the day. My computer is closed at night.

            What I've found is that if on a list of matches, it may happen that only one page of matches will be populated with my personal family file. If I go off that page and come back to it, that usually corrects the problem. Hope I worded that clearly.