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Blinking lights helped make one patient

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  • Blinking lights helped make one patient

    In the long ago when single computer programs took hours to run on small, slow machines, it was common to display a counter in one of the registers of lights on the CPU. It was a lot like the little bars that tell you an install is progressing, but in blinking binary or hexadecimal. You could go away and have coffee or write another program and when you looked at the computer again the lights had made progress counting up.

    I wish there were something like that on the Big Y, maybe showing some version of a count or a worked through date, maybe just the progress bar edging closer to the right side of its area by some arbitrary to us method.

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    That is honestly a good idea!


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      Yes, those blinking lights did help with patience. So did the sequential lines of periods, each period representing so many 100s or 1000s of items processed. You at least knew the processings was advancing. lol.