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    OK, I am going to kvetch about support not replying. Not forum support, but rather the "Contact Us" support from the main site. Automated replies do not count as replying, imo.

    There was a time when replies were quick - actually faster than I expected. I was pleased, I told people about the great support. Now I am starting to feel sorry I did.

    Just venting, I know no one here can do anything about it. Anyone know the average turn around time for being contacted by a human is?

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    I have had pretty timely responses to my messages sent to FTDNA's customer service email (both in the case of the Big Y Test and at a couple of other occasions in the years prior).


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      I have had occasion (as a Project Administrator) to use the Support "Contact Us" link to correct some GAP issues. I received notifications each time that they have been very busy lately, but did get around to handling the issue in a fairly timely fashion.

      My only kvetch was when they corrected the second problem I reported, the first problem reappeared! Reminds me of a little joke I seen on Facebook about debugging software

      100 bugs written into the code
      100 bugs written in
      take one out, fix it up right
      157 bugs written into the code!


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        Copying my response from your other thread:


        FTDNA has a dedicated Customer Support team who work very hard to keep up with both phone calls and email.

        It may take 2-3 days for the team to reach your email in the queue. Once they do reach your email, they'll respond to you and work to resolve the issue.