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  • Filter on Matching Chromosome(s)

    I'd like to have the ability to execute a search or filter to show matches based on chromosome. Some of my matches span multiple chromosomes, so having the ability to specify combinations would also be nice. Otherwise I have to click on each individual match in the chromosome browser and take a side-note of the chromosome and start/stop points... then go to the next... and so on... in order to see if I have anyone else who matches a given segment (and thus may have a shared common ancestor with another one of my matches).

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    I agree, but in the meantime, I have downloaded my matches from the chromosome browser into an excel spreadsheet. I can then sort by chromosome, start and end positions. It takes a while, because I could only download 5 results at a time from the chromosome browser. Someone may have found an easier way. I update the notes tab on the matches page after I do this so I can easily find my new matches as they come in and add those to the spreadsheet. I've actually taken the extra step to load the spreadsheet into an Access database, but that isn't really necessary. It just lets me print out a pretty report.