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Y Kit expiration date?

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  • Y Kit expiration date?

    I've already had my maternal side done, I ordered a Y12 test the other week, however, I'm waiting for a male relative to get free time to take the test. I was wondering how long are the kits are good for? Thank you

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    FTDNA has told me that as long as the kit is stored around room temperature it is good for over a year.

    I have had several project members who sent their kit in for processing after having it for several month.


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      Thanks a lot for your response. I'm sure it shouldn't be more than another week, so that puts me at ease.


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        The useful life of our samples is moot. At one stage FTDNA was saying 25 years, but when Family Finder was developed their CEO discovered that his samples were not fresh enough after being in storage for some 8 years. I know that FF needs a better "read' than the STR tests, but it kind of gives an idea.