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  • list surnames in FF results download

    It would be really nice to get a list of the surnames along with the FF data when downloading the FamilyFinder results to Excel.

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    clearer surname info in family finder lists

    I would like the surname lists for family finder to be listed by maternal side and paternal side and most importantly by generations back from the tester with their parents being generation #1. For example - M1- Smith : P1- Jones : M2 - Davis , Thomas; P2- Johnson, Kidd . This would help us figure out generations and family trees for the people who don't have trees and don't respond to emails.

    And I also would like for there to be a button that we could click on to expand all info on the site in order to print or transfer the complete info. This would expand to show the email address , and notes , and ALL surnames on each site. It would be really nice if there were an X where we could close each of those areas individually if we didn't want something to print or transfer.