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    I also would like to be able to attach my result to family memebers who I'am the contact for. I tried going the project route, but was shot down.

    Surly there needs to away for members like me, who don't qualify for a project to at least be able form a group which would allow for one log in for multiple kits.


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      I was refused a project also. Why couldn't they link a password to an email address instead of to a kit number in order to allow people who manage kits for multiple family members to see information for all the kits they manage?

      Carol Anne


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        2nd that motion

        A multi-kit login is badly needed and ultimately promotes sales of kits by making it easier for an interested family member to recruit others to test and more easily analyze the results. A Username is easier to remember than kit numbers. As the first poster suggested a bank-account style logon with a list of kits by name and number would be an excellent addition.