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Ad explanation to "My Matches" list below "Haplotree"

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  • Ad explanation to "My Matches" list below "Haplotree"

    I think it would be helpfull to ad some sort of explanation to the "My Matches" list that shows up below "Haplotree".

    If there is any explanation what this list is about anywhere please tell me and close this thread, but i searched for a long time.

    I know (from this forum), that this list only shows customers that have been SNP tested. Thats nice, but please tell people somewhere because otherwise they just dont know.

    I guess this list only refers to 12 Markers - always. I think so, because a customer, who got 37 markers tested, with haplogroup I has a 2-step-mutation in haplogroup G - i dont think that could happen with 37 Markers compared, could it?

    If that is correct please tell people that this list refers to 12 Markers.

    Conclusion: I think this list should be mentioned and explained in the FAQ-section as the RAO-list and the Y-DNA-Matches list alreadye are.

    The reason for this suggestion is that from time to time iGenea customers ask about this list in the forum and even i didn't completely understand the purpose of that list yet.

    Thank you for your help.

    East-Iberian (Roman C. Scholz)