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Contacting Matches through iGenea

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  • Contacting Matches through iGenea

    I like being able to contact matches. Some respond with family history and I am able to see where their tree and mine might eventually overlap. I find it very helpful. I would like FTDNA to clarify for us, however, in what way we may or may not contact the people who list their email as IGENEA. I tried to contact a match and got the response that my email had insufficient details to be forwarded to my match. I'm not interested in trying to contact people who don't want to be contacted so I think it would be helpful to me to know if these people can be contacted at all and if they cannot I would appreciate them being listed with a caveat not to email them. I think this is something FTDNA should sort out with IGNEA and then relay to those of us who are FTDNA customers.

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    Igenea will work on interpreting emails that come from Family Tree DNA into their native language, and I will believe they will do the same for a match that is emailing them but you would need to list the name of the person that you are matching up with so they can find it in their records. Many Igenea participants that speak English will list their email addresses directly so you will not necessarily know if they are an Igenea customer.

    -Darren Marin
    Family Tree DNA


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      No, actually they will not pass the message along. This is what I was told by IGENEA after I tried to send a message to a match. So really, there is no reason to have matches listed from IGENEA since there is no possibility of contact.


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        Is this problem already solved?

        iGenea customers have the same account and same options other FTDNA customers have.
        But when an account for an iGenea customer is created, an email-address from iGenea shows up as "second email".
        Maybe this person has deleted or never has entered his personal email-address and therefore the only one that is left - the second address for iGenea - is shown in the matches section.

        However it is in this case, its not this way with every iGenea customer.


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          I would suggest filling out the Feedback form on our home page and marking it as a suggestion in terms of contacting Igenea participants. This way we can forward the email to the appropriate channels to try and get the issue resolved.

          Darren Marin
          Family Tree DNA


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            As I understand the situation from the information I received from IGENEA:Some participants from IGENEA do not provide their email. If they show up as a match, IGENEA will not forward a message.

            It isn't really a problem in terms of contacting the person--they can't be contacted and that is okay, of course. I think the only problem is that they show up as a match who appears to be interested in contact (being on the contact-match list) when this is either not the case of will not happen as per IGENEAs policy. The IGENEA email listing in itself is not helpful as it is actually not a point of contact. It is just there. So for me, the effort was a waste of time. If the person cannot be contacted, that is fine with me. It would just be helpful if FTDNA would just make it clear that that is how the IGENEA email system is set up. You can contact the company but you cannot have a message forwarded.

            Hope this clarifies.