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  • Results Completed, Pending Results

    In my start page I can read: Results completed Januari 21, 2023. Famliny Finder matches Updated.
    In Order status I can read: Family Finder Order status=Completed 01/21/2023.
    But when I check Results-Autosomal-Matches I get the messages "Pending Results".
    I thought Completed means everything is done. Why do I have to wait when results are completed?

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    I remember something similar when I got my results and when the results of other family members came in. It's normal. It just takes FTDNA a few days to generate all the matches and publish them on your myFTDNA account. It might be better if they just waited until everything was ready before telling you that your results are completed, but c'est la vie.


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      The story continues....
      Today I got mail from FTDNA: "New Family Finder Results" it tells me:
      "Results have been uploaded"
      "You may view your Family Finder matches on our website"
      so I open the page but all I can see is spinning arrows and this message :
      "Generating Matches. Your match list is being generated and will be ready momentarily."
      From earlier experience I know that nothing is going to be shown until tomorrow. Tomorrow is what FTDNA means when they say Momenatrily


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        Just in case, check any browser extensions for script blockers. It's possible that might be a reason for slow or no list loading. But, enough people have complained about having that, so maybe not.