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Can't delete incorrect relationship in family tree

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  • Can't delete incorrect relationship in family tree

    Can't delete incorrect relationship in family tree When I try to delete an incorrect relationship I get this dialogue: "Other individuals in the tree are connected to the main person through this individual XXXX. Please remove them first and then try again." I know there are no other individuals connected to that specific person through this individual so why the heck can I not delete it?

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    Is it possible there is a second marriage somehow involving this individual? It has to be said, the "family tree" capabilities of most genetic genealogy web sites have trouble with complicated genealogies.


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      As is typically the case, attempts to improve the family tree resulted in a mess for other functions.

      1. The update attempted to simplify the tree view by hiding non-DNA related connections (i.e. unrelated marriages). I have several of these in my tree and they are no longer visible. This makes it impossible to see all of the connections for some people in the tree.

      2. You previously were able to view the tree with respect to almost anyone in the whole tree. Now you can do this for only some people with branches that are stubs in the current view. This also adds to not knowing entirely how someone is connected within the tree.

      3. You used to get a list of who all would be removed when trying to remove a relationship. Now you just get the generic message there are other connections for that individual. I assume that removing the individual will also remove anyone attached to the path to the home person, but you will not know which ones until it is too late.

      4. It seems you can only safely remove relationships from the top of the tree. Trying to remove stubs at the bottom or anywhere in the middle results in the warning about multiple connections.

      I submitted a feature request in March last year that would allow you to select which connecton to remove. An individual would only be deleted if you remove all connections. That was passed on to the development team but ignored. You might get some help by asking the support team to push rolling back some of these changes but that is not likely.

      Bottom line is that most all of your tree changes need to be done outside of FTDNA using someone else's tree program and then import the changes as a new GEDCOM. That means recreating any relationship links that you had before. The poor tree support at FTDNA is probably a lot of the reason so few matches attach one.


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        Thanks for the answers!