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Problems on Project BigY Matches Page

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  • Problems on Project BigY Matches Page

    When in the BigY Matches screen, we were able to click on the 'Match Person's Name' and be presented with a profile including his email address and Haplogroup. Hovering over the Match Person's Name, causes the cursor to change from Arrow to Hand but clicking now has no effect.

    This link was useful to see what haplogroup the match was, that is, was he an exact match or not.

    Also, changing the Items per page to 25, 30 or 100 now longer has any effect. 10 are still displayed.

    I have opened a 'Ticket' for this problem. Hopefully this functionality can be returned.

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    As the Home Page at says:-

    Technical issues
    1. The issue with Big Y matches not displaying properly has been resolved as of yesterday, but there is still an issue when clicking the name of the match. The profile card does not display. That bug is still being worked on.

    So at least we can now see all of the matches the person has.