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Linked relationships not downloading with Match List CSV export

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  • Linked relationships not downloading with Match List CSV export

    Topic heading sums up my issue.
    Just downloaded my match list. Everything downloaded properly, all 30k matches and all the columns - EXCEPT the column with all my linked relationships is blank.
    I haven't logged on for a while and haven't downloaded my matches for a while but this used to work.
    Viewing on the web, the links do display the relationships to everyone and I am able to link new matches to my gedcom tree.
    Is this a temporary bug?

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    I've noticed some glitches in the .csv files I've downloaded, both before and after the recent changes. I checked my previously last downloaded match list from last October, and the Linked Relationship column was working as it should in that file.

    Based on your post, I just checked my own FF matches file that I downloaded today, and you are right. I don't see anything in the Linked Relationship column for my matches. We can hope it is a temporary bug, caused by the recent update. I hope it is fixed soon.


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      Did you use the 'Customer Support' link at the top of this page to report your problem?