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Two questions: "coming soon" Shared Map/DNA and abt my avatar onmy page

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  • Two questions: "coming soon" Shared Map/DNA and abt my avatar onmy page

    I'm new,so excuse me if I'm in the wrong area to address these two issues.
    I'm attempting to make a family connection with someone who shares (53 cM) , they are not very forthcoming with information,so what scant info I have now is puzzling....My question is above where we are exchanging family genealogy there are five tabs: conversation,Relationship,Notes (?) but the last two marked as Shared Map & Shared DNA give notice of coming soon - By whom? 'Soon" as in how long? It's already a few weeks,so should I read that as indeterminate?

    The other question is regarding my avatar for my page,having a photo of myself, should personalize my presence,and aid in trying to successfully correspond with my matches. I tried uploading two different images of myself,both within the perimeters,but I was still unsuccessful.

    BTW, one of the images...I see that I was successful to this site. I had tried this very one,and another where I was smiling.

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    For your first question:
    This seems to be for Family Finder (FF), since you mention sharing 53 cM (not how Y-DNA or mtDNA would be measured for sharing). But, I'm not sure where you are seeing tabs with the titles you mention within any of your FF results. Which tool are you using when you see these tabs? In your FF match list, there are icons for email and notes, plus a tree icon, for each match under the match's name. Unlike other similar companies, FTDNA does not have any messaging system that might be labeled "conversation." Instead, FTDNA simply gives the match's email address for you to contact them. But I don't see any Shared Map and Shared DNA tabs in my account for Family Finder, in any of the tools. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place.

    I think for any feature you see that says "Coming Soon," that would be something that FTDNA plans on adding. Unfortunately, customers rarely get any notice for when a new feature will be introduced.

    For your second question:
    Personally, I have not uploaded any photos to the accounts I manage. But I assume you were following the directions to upload a photo to your Account Settings, and the photo was one of the accepted file types (.jpg, .gif, or .png). You may need to contact Customer Support if this is not working for you. Maybe the image is too large (just guessing)?


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      Dear KATM, I might have a big whoops a daisy here, and blame my old middle-aged eyes...but I ASSUMED this forum was for the DNA test I had taken,BUT I'm almost 95% sure it isn't now after reading how you answered. "My Living DNA" was where I tested (My DNA would focus where they focus - Ireland/Scotland) and this is "Family Tree DNA" ,so not the same,eh?
      I mentioned the 53 cM ,because she's genetically close for a "stranger".
      Am I on the wrong forum? For both reasons - This catering specifically to "Family Tree DNA" or is it more generic?
      I googled the variety of possible popular tests,and yes this is not the test I had taken. Though, the science IS the science. I don't think my test has a forum. Anyhow, I think your answer for "Coming Soon" is still just as relevant! lol


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        Ah, I see. No, "Living DNA" has no connection with FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA). I have one kit that I transferred to Living DNA for the same reason, due to Irish ancestry. I just logged in, and can't see the relative list for that kit; for whatever reason, the account I manage there seems to have a glitch today. I am not very impressed with Living DNA; it is taking a very long time for them to get their act together and provide a reliable site. I had hoped that eventually they would have breakdowns for Irish sub-regions, as they do for regions in Great Britain, but they certainly do not have such a breakdown currently, and no idea when that might happen. Since the person whose kit I manage at Living DNA transferred there, so did not test there, I paid extra to get ancestry results in order find out there is no Irish breakdown (although the 51% ancestry they attribute to Ireland is accurate for that person, the other European ancestry is not accurate). I get a much better admixture breakdown for that person at other companies.

        In the "Relatives" section, I do see where there are tabs for "Messaging centre" and "Tree builder," in addition to the "Relative list." But I don't see the other tabs you mentioned, which you wrote were coming soon. "Coming Soon" for Living DNA may be quite a while, sorry to say, based on what I've seen there.

        This forum is predominantly for FTDNA customers, but there are sub-forums in which people who have not tested at FTDNA have posted, mostly in the General Interest section. I didn't see any sign of a forum at Living DNA, or any way to upload a photo there, either.

        I think Living DNA also uses the name "My Living DNA," but only if people use "My Living DNA" for a search term. Their actual company name is