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  • FTDNA Forum member avatar image size

    I was wondering if whoever is in charge of the settings and adjustments for the FTDNA forum could please make the size of members' avatars fit the space allowed.

    Currently, if a member uploads an image to use for the avatar, there is a border showing, which is larger than the avatar, and results in a lot of empty space sowing between the avatar and the outlined border. Per the information shown when one edits an avatar, avatars are supposed to be no larger than 50 pixels square; otherwise they may be cropped. This is not happening right now; for example, my own avatar image is 50 x 50 pixels, yet does not fill the space within border, and is not cropped.

    Contrast that with how avatars are displayed for members who do not upload an image: a generic image is used which does fill the whole space allotted, up to the border. If the border is for an image size above 50 x 50 pixels, perhaps that can be adjusted so uploaded avatar images will display properly.

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    I am currently working with a member of my leadership team to try and resolve this. We do not believe there is a way to make the current avatars "stretch" to fit the avatar window in the forums, however, one thing we just attempted to implement was allowing a larger avatar size of 100x100 pixels for the customer usergroup. Ideally, this should scale down to fit the current border of approximately 65x65 but also allow a bit more wiggle room for avatar uploads.

    If you want to try to upload a 65x65 or even 100x100 version of your avatar image to test the change, that would be great! If this does not resolve the error, though, we will definitely continue to investigate further.
    David Travis


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      That seems to work for my icon/avatar. It is 100 x 100 pixels. Thanks!


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        I had another thought: if, in the coding, the border for the avatar was set to "0," then there would not be a visible line to show a difference between the allowable space and the actual avatar sizes.