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Transferring 23andme data to FTDNA possible glitch - & Upgrade question

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  • Transferring 23andme data to FTDNA possible glitch - & Upgrade question

    First concern/Question
    I transferred my 23andme data to FTDNA the other week it appeared to accept it & I got a batch number, did the electronic consent form etc. I followed the instructions in the help page to see when the pending results would be due. But there is no pending link on my order page & no predicted date of it being available. So I have no idea if it actually worked or not or if there is a problem.

    Send concern/Question
    I looked at the $19 upgrade option in the shop but it is showing $9 for shipping. They won't be shipping to me just unlocking access to certain features on the website so why is there a charge for shipping?

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    FTDNA no longer seems to have a representative who visits the forums to answer such questions. You should send these questions and concerns to Customer Support (link at top right of these forum pages), using the form on that page. I would select "Transfer or Raw Data Questions" from the "please select a category" drop menu, and put your questions in the field for details. You should receive a confirmation email very shortly, to acknowledge receipt of your submission, along with a request ID number. Save the number for later reference, if needed. After the confirmation email, it may take two or more days to hear back from them on your issues.

    Alternatively, you could phone them during the business hours shown on the Customer Support page, at the number shown there, or use the chat feature also on that page.


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      Thanks for that