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Can't upload 23andMe version 5 .txt to Family Tree DNA

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  • Can't upload 23andMe version 5 .txt to Family Tree DNA

    I have downloaded my Raw DNA text file from 23andMe and want to upload it to 23andMe. I was able to upload to MyHeritage without any problem, but I get a message on Family Tree DNA saying that the file could not be uploaded because it was either corrupted or in an unknown format.

    The 23andMe test is very recent so its on Version 5 which the FTDNA website says should be compatible.

    Can someone provide troubleshooting options please?

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    Hi Charlie, I have exactly the same problem uploading the 23andMe data of my partner. I've tried downloading the data from 23andMe again, didn't work. I've also compared the header text with the file of my own DNA, which I successfully uploaded some time ago, and apart from some personalised characters in the 23andMe information link, they look identical. One thing I did notice however is that her file contains 632,002 lines whereas mine, contained 638,591 lines. Can't see why this should make any difference though. Hopefully someone can help us out!!



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      Send them a feedback to this link:


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        I've been trying for months. My son's and father's uploaded without a hitch. They got their results from 23andme several weeks before I got mine. Did 23andme add some text to mess with transfers?