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Improvements to Y-DNA result pages in projects

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  • Improvements to Y-DNA result pages in projects

    Y-DNA result pages of a project are horribly slow if the project is big. The paging system is also very cumbersome. I understand that it may not be easy to make the result pages load faster, but I have some improvement ideas:
    1) Make it possible to go to a specific page in results. If there are 50 pages of results, there are only options to go to pages 1-10 and option "...", which goes to page 11. If I want to go to page 43, I have to go to page 11, 21, 31, 41 and after that I can choose the page 43. Each step takes a long time. If I can directly choose the page 43, things are much easier and faster.
    2) Create a surname search.
    3) Add page selector to the top of the page too.
    4) Add a link which goes to the page where the kit owner is.

    These features shouldn't be too hard to implement.

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    1. As the viewer we control page size. If you and I are looking at the same project we can select different page sizes. FTDNA doesn't know which page size to load until you make the selection. They go to the default size set by the project admin on the initial load. The total number of pages depends on how you got to the project website. Did you get there by clicking on the project name in the list of your projects in your kits home page or did you get there by entering the link into your browser? Logged in project members will see more kits if any project member has elected to be seen by project members only.

    2. Which column do you want to search? For a surname project the Name column will have the same name most of the time.

    3. I like this suggestion.

    4. This would work only if the viewer got to the project page while they are signed into their project, but you still have the page size problem.