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    Noticed the Min, Max, and Mode is missing on DNA Results pages. Checked pages on 3 haplogroup projects and 2 surname projects. They all are missing this information.

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    Are you looking at the Classic or Colorized charts? I checked the Colorized charts for 4 projects and all 4 of them had these values.


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      Yes, colorized. Just checked again still not showing up for me. A couple of people posted about it on my HG Project. An admin posted following:

      “After the new software version was released, several problems were noticed. One of them is changes or lack of them in the "Colorized chart" panel. Work on their repair is currently underway. Unfortunately, we do not know when it will happen. It is not related to the current work of administrators.”


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        Well, three months later and same here, Darbo.
        I spend hours copying and pasting from results into a spreadsheet, and I count on "Colorized" to highlight where I need to "colorize" my cells. One grouping among my project, and the most important to me because I am in it, with over a dozen members, does not show MIN, MAX and MODE, and it will not highlight the differences in this group, and since I am adding from a 37-marker to 111, this is most annoying. All of the other groups show the usual and are colorized. They are not terribly important because they are all beyond 55 markers, but I would like to see things at FTDNA work consistently and every time considering the $$$, both my own and donations, to support this place!

        I am not good at numbers, so even I can see that there have to be three different values in any one column to get colorized if there are only four sets of two matching values: there is no MODE if two are 24 and two are 25. Does that make sense?

        However, there are fifteen men in this group, and one or two variants are singletons among columns of at least a half dozen matching results, but no joy!

        I cannot figure out how to link a URL to attach an image of this here, so my "illustration" is four men, three with 17 and one with uncolorized 16, and few columns later, three with 16 and the one with 17 not colorized. I will not bore you with the three other examples of the same phenomenon.


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          Does this suggestion work for you?


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            Thanks to mattn, and Mr Amblin, this seems to work, but it is most annoying a very time-consuming, as my browsers tend to freeze while on two sessions of FTDNA. Thanks for reminding me of this solution to a constantly repeating problem.