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  • Y-DNA - SNP Map page

    I am curious about one page in the Y-DNA results section, which I have not used for a long time. This is the "Y-DNA - SNP Map." I believe it's supposed to display the geographic distribution of SNPs. There is a drop menu to "Select A Haplogroup," and then there is a "Choose SNP's" area, where various SNPs are supposed to load after selecting the haplogroup. These SNPs are supposed to show in a field from which to select one or more. Right now, I get "Data Failed to Load: 500 Internal Server Error," and the SNPs never load, so are unable to be selected.

    Has anyone else been able to use this page recently, or received this error? Is it due to an outdated browser, or some other necessary function to run it? Is FTDNA not supporting that page anymore?

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    I just tried that page and it worked, I selected the R haplogroup and was able to select an SNP. It did take a while to load so it's possible that it's timing out at times.

    I've seen lots of 500 errors on other FTDNA pages the past few days.


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      Thanks for checking. Guess I'll keep trying!