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amount of DNA shared between 2 matches

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  • amount of DNA shared between 2 matches

    little by little, I discover the world of DNA testing. I started with your site, and that satisfies me well. Allow, however, to share a few observations with you :

    1 / sharing between 2 people from our list : on competing sites, when we select a person with whom we share DNA, it appears the contacts in common (and that on your site too) but it also appears the percentage that the target person shares with their contacts, as well as with you. It seems to me that it is very useful to see or better look to find the ancestors as a source. It would be nice if you could do it too it seems to me.

    2 / several parents gave me tests to manage. Since I am happy with your services, I made them all at your home, but I had to open an account for each of them. For them it's better, but more complicated for me, maybe having a double level of access that can group certain tests, would be a real plus.

    Thank you and good day. Take care of all of you.

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    I'm not sure if this Feedback form is only for project administrators, but it's worth a try for your suggestions. FTDNA personnel do not regularly visit the forums.